Welcome to the Sellafield Warning and Informing Registration Service

Sellafield Site continues to have an excellent safety record. However, we have a responsibility to plan for incidents on site which may affect the local community, even if they are unlikely to happen. Because of this, we provide local residents (including businesses) with the option to register for our free Warning and Informing service. If you live in the local area, you can register your contact details (mobile phone, landline phone and email address) via this website so that we can quickly and easily send you emergency information in the unlikely event of an incident at Sellafield. We strongly encourage you to register for our free Warning and Informing service so that, if we need to, we can contact you with special safety instructions.


Our Warning and Informing messages are sent by an automated messaging system, provided by Alert Cascade Limited (Alert Cascade). By registering your contact information through this website, you are consenting to Alert Cascade processing your data for the purposes of sending emergency messages on behalf of Cumbria County Council. Your data will not be used for any other purpose, will not be shared with anyone else, and will not be used for marketing. Your personal data will be securely held by Alert Cascade, who are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under registration number ZA189919. You can learn more about your rights regarding your personal data by visiting www.ico.org.uk.


You should have received our Emergency Leaflet in the post. This leaflet gives you more information about what we do at Sellafield and what you need to do in an emergency. If you did not receive your leaflet, or you would like another copy, you can download the current leaflet here.


As well as offering our free Warning and Informing service, you can also call our message line at any time to hear the current situation, including whether we are currently running a test exercise. Our message line phone number is 019467 48996.


If you move house, change your contact details, or decide that you no longer wish to receive emergency messages from us, you can de-register yourself from the Sellafield Warning and Informing service at any time via this website.


If you need help to register your details, or support with any part of this website, please get in touch:

  •   0203 5030 999